UV Tanning Beds at COCO

Stand-up and Lay-down sunbeds

Whether it’s an all-year-tan, a pre-holiday base, vitamin D boost or you simply want to look good for that special occasion, COCO have the perfect UV Tanning bed facilities for you.

Our UV Stand-up and Lay-down Tanning Beds offer a convenient and hygienic approach to tanning. Its a fast and effective way to develop your natural golden glow. We offer a range of tanning lotions and intensifiers and tan extending moisturisers to ensure you make the most of your tanning session. We provide complimentary eye protection for each tanning session

3 minute session £3.50
6 minute session £5.00
9 minute session £7.00
12 minute session £9.50
30 minute block booking £23.00
60 minute block booking  £42.00
30 days unlimited block booking  £50.00


Our sunbed guide

Your Skin Type

You will need to identify your skin type before participating in a tanning bed session at COCO.
Please use the below chart to help you.

Skin Type Skin Characteristics Reaction to Sunlight Recommended Exposure
1 – Very Fair Very light skin, usually with lots of freckles with light/red hair and light eyes. High burn risk. Skin reddens and peels. Please do not use our tanning beds
2 – Fair Skin Light skin, possibly with freckles with blonde to brown hair and blue/green/grey eyes. Skin will burn easily, great care to be taken but will tan after exposure. 3 – 6 Minute sessions
3 – Fair to Light Brown Clear light brown skin with no freckles usually grey or brown eyes. Occasionally burns and capable of building a moderate tan. 6 – 9 Minute sessions
4 – Light Brown Brown to olive complexion with dark hair and dark eyes. Rarely burns, capable of building a deep tan. 6 – 9 Minute sessions
5 – Deep Brown Deep brown skin with dark hair and dark eyes. Never burns, tan is rapid and deep. 6 – 9 Minute sessions, occasional 12 minute sessions

Note – All skin types need to exercise precaution on initial exposure. Even for skin types 4 and 5 initial exposure should be moderate. This particularly applies if living in the UK as natural skin protection factor is depleted through lack of regular exposure to sunshine.

Vitamin D – Are you getting your fair share?

Vitamin D is essential for good health.  Medical studies have proven the benefits of Vitamin D with the following :-

  • Cellular Health
  • Mental Health (including SAD, PMS, depression and general mood)
  • Bone Health
  • Auto Immune Diseases
  • Skin Disorders (including Psoriasis)
  • Organ Health
  • Obesity and exercise programmes

Sunlight is the most effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D. Yet in the UK, our bodies can only manufacture Vitamin D from exposure to the sun during the months of May to October when and if the sun is shining! Outside of these months, the sun is simply not strong enough.

Unprotected UV exposure to 25% of 1 MED, 2-3 times a week is recommended to ensure sufficient Vitamin D levels. Depending on skin type, this is the equivalent of about 5 minutes of unprotected UV exposure 2-3 times a week.

In the UK with its relatively long winters, you get less sun over the course of the year because the sunlight isn’t strong enough to make vitamin D in the winter.

Can you use a Tanning Bed at COCO?

If you answer YES to any of the below you will not be permitted to use our tanning beds.

  • Are you under the age of 18?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Have you and/or a member of your immediate family had skin cancer?
  • Have you undergone surgery in the last 6 weeks?
  • Do you suffer from epilepsy?
  • Do you have a history of severe sunburn?
  • Do you have medical condition which worsens in the sun light?
  • Do you have Skin Type 1?
  • Are you taking any medicines or drugs which increase your skins sensitivity to UV rays?

Before using a Tanning Bed at COCO

  • Please wear the protective goggles / winkeze provided
  • Please do not consume alcohol
  • Remove all cosmetics from your body
  • Take off all jewellery
  • Do not use outdoor sun lotions/creams/oils

Whilst you are using a Tanning Bed at COCO

  • If you notice any abnormal and/or unusual skin reactions during your tanning session, please exit the tanning bed immediately and seek advice from a member of staff
  • Please make sure you are wearing your eye protection. These MUST be worn throughout your entire tanning session
  • Please do not remove your eye protection until you have exited the tanning bed
  • Do not allow anyone into the tanning bed within your session time

After using a Tanning Bed at COCO

  • Take at least a 4 week break from all tanning sessions each year
  • Do not sunbathe outside on the same day
  • Keep skin well moisturised to avoid drying of the skin
  • Allow 24 hours between each tanning session (48 hours for skin type 2)
  • If you notice any lumps, sores or unusual moles on your skin, please contact your GP
  • The Euro Standard recommends not to exceed 60 tanning bed sessions a year