Hair Removal



removes the entire hair with its follicle and leaves the skin perfectly smooth and soft. If practiced regularly, it weakens and slows hair regrowth and produces results that last longer and longer each time.

We use Hot Strip-Free wax on all sensitive body areas such as bikini area & underarms.

We will always require 3 weeks growth if the hair has been shaved and 4 weeks growth if the hair has been waxed/sugared.

Our recommendation is to return for your waxing treatments every 4-6 weeks.

Waxing is a suitable hair removal method for most skin types and all hair colours.



is a natural technique for hair removal, that respects the skin and produces the best possible results. Hair is removed using a simple cotton thread, using no heat or chemicals on the skin, threading is the gentlest method of facial hair removal.

There is no minimum hair length for threading treatments, as long as the hair has broken through the skin, the threads can remove it! Making it the easiest & quickest hair removal with no long regrowth waiting periods!

Once in a regular threading pattern and your hairs are all growing at a similar pace, we recommend returning every 4-7 weeks.

As we simply use a cotton thread, threading is suitable for all hair, all ages and all skin types.